Corporate Services Manager


Roebourne, WA

Posted 4/27/2021

Corporate Services Manager

Are you looking for somewhere to utilise your skill set in a supportive best practice environment? Are you looking for a career that will allow you to spend time with your family and loved ones, while still rewarding you well for your time and effort.
A full time position is on offer with a competitive salary, amazing conditions and a fantastic outdoors lifestyle. We are situated just an hours drive from Millstream National Park, with swimming holes and rock art to explore. There are islands to explore just a stones throw from Point Samson or Dampier and some amazing beaches to be found at Murujuga National Park.
The Corporate Services Manager is part of the Corporate Team of Mawarnkarra Health Service. The Service objective is to provide holistic, primary health care services to the Aboriginal people of the West Pilbara region.
20 Sholl Street, Roebourne, WA 6718.
The role of the Corporate Services Manager is responsible for all assets of the organisation and to implement the relevant objectives of the organisation by ensuring that the corporate team deliver a supportive, quality, effective and efficient service in order that the health needs of clients and the community are met.

Motivation to provide service excellence.
Demonstrated ability to lead a multidisciplinary team.
Demonstrated capacity to lead in a collaborative manner with staff.
Demonstrated ability to problem solve issues on a day-to-day basis.
Demonstrated conflict resolution skills.
Ability to manage the assets of the organisation.
Experience in the application of Workplace Health and Safety legislation.
Ability to report against key deliverables.
Good writing skills.
Good interpersonal skills.
Commitment to ongoing participation in education, professional development, evidence based research and quality assurance.


Leadership and management

Manage the corporate team staff on a day-to-day basis.
Motivate staff to provide service excellence.
Oversee the provision of the highest standards of service fulfilling the responsibilities of the program requirements.
Ensure that staffs are allocated responsibilities appropriately under the programs they work under.
Monitor staff performance and manage same.
Conduct regular staff appraisals, as per the organisation’s policy.
Identify staffs that require support and assistance in fulfilling their responsibilities and arrange for the provision of support and assistance.
Monitor and manage compliance with the policies of Mawarnkarra.
Promote a collaborative working environment for all staff.
Identify staff that may require performance management.
Ensure that the professional development needs of staff of the corporate team are met and are consistent with organisational policy.
Provide leadership in problem solving issues that arise.
Ensure that staffs are appropriate and respectful of clients, visitors and other staff at all times.

2. Manage the assets of the organisation, including equipment, vehicles and housing.

Maintain and update the asset register.
Manage the maintenance of equipment, vehicles, buildings and housing.
Manage the purchase, transfer and disposal of assets.
Ensure all policies and procedures for asset acquisition and disposal are followed.


Ensure all regular servicing of all equipment, including medical equipment, is conducted on time as per the labelling.
Ensure all emergency repairs to equipment are conducted in a timely fashion.


Manage the day-to-day running of vehicles ensuring vehicles are ready for use by staff.
Hold all vehicle keys
Ensuring no unauthorised use of vehicles
Ensuring that home-garaged cars are available for use by all staff during the day
Conduct log-book audits
Manage the purchase, leasing, transfer and disposal of the fleet vehicles.
Ensure all polices and procedures for vehicles and use of vehicles are followed.
Ensure all vehicles registered is current with the Department of Transport WA
Management of accounts relating to fuel, cleaning, maintenance and repairs of vehicles
Maintaining an accurate and contemporary register of all vehicles, delegated drivers and vehicles assigned under home garaging, conditional and private use vehicles.

Housing & MHS Buildings

Ensure all facilities are maintained to a high standard.
Ensure that all of the paperwork is completed prior to a staff member occupying a Mawarnkarra house, such as the lease is completed and inspections are carried out.
Ensure regular inspections are undertaken on Mawarnkarra housing.
Ensure all furniture included in the housing for a staff member is documented and accounted for.
Ensure all maintenance for Mawarnkarra housing is carried out in a timely fashion.
Ensure all polices and procedures for housing are followed.


Manage security portfolio on behalf of Mawarnkarra.
Ensure correct security delegation is given to each staff member.
Ensure security protocols are followed for arming, disarming & lock up procedures.
Ensure regular maintenance is carried out for security system for Mawarnkarra Health Services, including the Safe House.


Manage the IT portfolio on behalf of Mawarnkarra.
Ensure all IT updates/upgrades/maintenance are carried out in a timely and non-disruptive manner.
Manage IT issues on behalf of MHS staff with IT provider.
Management of accounts relating to IT services & purchasing of new IT equipment.


Maintain appropriate insurance coverage for Mawarnkarra Health Service.
Manage any insurance queries/claims on behalf of Mawarnkarra Health Service.

3. Reporting responsibilities

Ensure that the objectives of the various programs are achieved.
Ensure that all reporting requirements are fulfilled.
Oversee staff responsibilities in respect to reporting requirements and supervise same.

4. Professional responsibilities:

Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.
Participate in and contribute to the fulfilment of operational needs of the organisation as they arise.
Participate in and contribute to the successful outcomes of the organisation.
Comply with all Mawarnkarra Health Service policies and procedures.
Take an active role in, relevant to the position of manager and consistent with WH&S legislation, maintaining a safe working environment.

Other relevant information
Current Drivers Licence
Consent to undergo a working with Children's Check and a National Police Clearance
All employees are subjected to regular random drug and alcohol testing

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