Sexual Health Registered Nurse


Roebourne, WA

Posted 4/27/2021

Sexual Health Registered Nurse

Are you looking for somewhere to utilise your skill set in a supportive best practice environment? Are you looking for a career that will allow you to spend time with your family and loved ones, while still rewarding you well for your time and effort.
A full time position is on offer with a competitive salary, amazing conditions and a fantastic outdoors lifestyle. We are situated just an hours drive from Millstream National Park, with swimming holes and rock art to explore. There are islands to explore just a stones throw from Point Samson or Dampier and some amazing beaches to be found at Murujuga National Park.
The Sexual Health Registered Nurse is part of the Client Services Team of Mawarnkarra Health Service. The Service objective is to provide holistic, sexual health care services to the Aboriginal people of the West Pilbara region.
20 Sholl Street, Roebourne, WA 6718.
Clinical Manager

Motivation to provide service excellence
Demonstrated ability to work with best practice standards
Demonstrated high level of clinical skills relevant to the position
Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a multi disciplinary team environment
Demonstrated ability to problem solve issues on a day-to-day basis
Ability to discuss and explain complex issues to clients
An understanding of the standards required for documentation and electronic data management in health
A demonstrated understanding of the issues and barriers that impact upon the health outcomes of Aboriginal people
Commitment to ongoing participation in education, professional development, evidence based research and quality assurance


Clinical and other services

Support and promote the integration of STI testing into routine primary health care, including adult health checks.
Provide evidence based STI/BBV clinical management to symptomatic clients and named contacts including testing, treatment, contact tracing and follow-up.
Oversee the management of recalls and reminders for the clinic. Ensure all recalling of patients for treatments is up-to-date at all times.
Work collaboratively with other staff including Medical staff, other Nursing staff, Receptionists, Aboriginal Health Workers and the Programs Services Team on client care.
Work with the sexual health outreach worker to improve contact tracing processes and completeness in a culturally competent manner.
Promote, deliver and utilise the “test and treat” model using point of care tests (PoCT) to allow for immediate screening and treatment of Syphilis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.
Upskill clinical staff in administering the “test and treat” model using point of care tests (PoCT).
Act as a clinical resource to support and develop other members of the health team.
Disseminate culturally appropriate health, communication and education materials to promote awareness of the outbreak across the region.

2. Education and health promotion

Work in collaboration with other staff at Mawarnkarra and take a leadership role in implementing education and health promotion for clients and the community.
Develop and maintain care planning of clients.
Provide advice, education and referrals for clients as necessary.

3. Partnerships, planning and management
Collaborate with key stakeholders to:

Develop strategies for increasing STI/BBV screening at a local level, particularly individuals at risk that have not been screened or are under-screened.
Maintain networks and contribute to planning forums, steering groups and consultancies in order to assist with the sexual health program.
Provide appropriate and relevant feedback to MHS clinical personnel, management and the local communities on the program.
Facilitate health promotion and prevention, community awareness and health literacy relating to STI/BBVs.
Facilitate community based health education regarding risk, prevention and management of STI/BBVs.

4. Infection control

Maintain infection control principles at all times.
Adhere to all policies and procedures in regards to infection control management.

5. Reporting, evaluation and data management

Record relevant information in Communicare to ensure completeness and reliability of reporting.
Maintain clinical level process to ensure completeness of contract tracing.
Undertake ongoing evaluation of screening coverage and uptake in the communities.
Seek feedback from the community and target group in regards to planning, implementation and evaluation of any strategies developed.
Work with management to regularly feedback progress to the funding body.
Ensure a clear understanding of Mawarnkarra reporting requirements as relevant to the position.

6. Quality improvement activities

Take a leadership role in continual quality improvement in the delivery of client services.
Ensure all standards are maintained consistent with evidence based best practice standards as applicable to the role of Sexual Health Registered Nurse.

7. Professional responsibilities

Maintain the highest standards of professional conduct.
Participate in and contribute to the fulfilment of operational needs of the organisation as they arise.
Demonstrate an understanding of and compliance with all Mawarnkarra policies and procedures.
Participate in maintaining a safe working environment.
Other Duties as reasonably requested by management.

Other relevant Information
Current Drivers Licence
Current Working with Children's Check & Police Clearance or willing to obtain
All employees are subject to regular and random drug & alcohol testing

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